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For support and appreciation for this project you may donate Cards, DEC or SPS to @dadee or @decreo ingame or via hive blockchain

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As the developement of the new tracker is taking longer that expected, I am sharing with you the beta version of that tracker, you could refer to this as v4. When the beta is over I will refer to it as v5.
To view the updated tracker, go to this link https://decreo17.github.io/splinterlands-multiple-accounts-stracker-v4/
Bugs and some missing functionality is expected. You could contact me as usual via discord or FB Messenger. Thank you for using Splinterlands-Multiple-Account-Tracker and don't forget to donate.

Please read the update 4.5 Release Notes

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# Username ECR Rank Rating Power In-game DEC SPS Staked SPS Last Team Win Rate
(Last 50 Battles)
Last Battle Action

# Username ECR Rank Rating Power In-game DEC SPS Staked SPS Credits Voucher Gold Potion Legendary Potion CL Packs Action


# Username Focus Completion Time Remaining


# Card Name ID

Release Notes:


  • Updated the Load Current Quest and replace Question Potion with Voucher in the Simplified
  • Since the quest potion was already removed from the game, it was now replaced with voucher. To view it, click on the “Load Account (Simplified)”
  • Load current quest has been updated:
    • Replace quest name with Focus
    • Replace total items with Daily Chest count
    • Replace “Not yet claimed” with remaining time for Focus and reminder to claim chest if the chest is not yet claimed or the focus already expires.
  • Updated with the new cards
  • Asset Transfer bot now can be set up to stake all SPS
  • Other minor changes with UI


  • Simplified version of the tracker is now available in the main tracker. https://decreo17.github.io/splinterlands-accounts-tracker/ is still available as an option, but is no longer being maintained/supported, that version also does not have the cl packs.
  • The Simplified table does not have the battle details but has credits, potions and cl packs details.
  • You could only view either the Simplified or the tracker with battles.
  • A small update with Load rewards mobile was also initially release which allow you to view the button even with larger screens. This is due to a report that the bug with Load rewards does not only affects mobile but some pc too.


  • Many were asking what’s the card number for this card? or what’s the name of this card number? You could now conveniently search this at the bottom of both main tracker and net income page.


  • Added new "Load Rewards Mobile" button which will show for medium and small. There was a bug with the Load Rewards for mobile phone. Because of that, instead of reverting to the old Load Rewards function, we have added a new button that utilized the old function of Load Rewards, see update 4.1.
  • We have created our own asset transfer bot. This Bot could claim SPS, transfer DEC, SPS and cards. Currently can it only transfer all the cards from the specific account. Small amout of fee/donation is being collected per transaction, details about the fee is in the .env file in the zip folder. Transfering of cards is free of charge. To get started, just download the zip file from the link in the anouncement above. Unzip it and remove the "-sample" from ".env-sample" and add the needed information including private keys. Disclaimer: We do not collect private keys and account details, all your information will remain in your loca storage.
    Note: This is only available for Windows OS user.
  • For more info or support please contact m.me/DadeeGaming17


  • New LOAD COLLECTIONS! When you click on this, all accounts that has owned cards will display with corresponding card details and estimated card value.
  • It will also have the summary of total collection power, estimated total collection value base on lowest BCX Price and total number cards. Cards for rent and delegated cards are included. Future updates might have additional filters.
  • Cards you rent or delegated to you are not included.


  • Load Current Quest is now live! You may now check if your account currently have quest, how many more before the quest completion and if the quest was already claimed, when it was claimed.
    Note: Will only show the current quest.
  • Load Rewards update: Added a loading indicator while the rewards were being loaded. Also change the data collection date from the last 24 hours + days, to current day + days. For example, before if it was 1 PM today, and yesterday you received a reward after 1 PM, and you also got a reward sometime today, it will show both yesterday’s reward and today’s reward. Now it will only show today’s reward regardless of time, of course the days parameter is still working and will just x number of days depending on what you have chosen.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Dark Mode is here! You have asked for it. Now the default theme is dark mode. But you could still use the normal light mode theme by going to the new settings tab.
  • ACCOUNTS WILL NO LONGER AUTO LOAD IN THE MAIN TRACKER. To minimized API rate limit, accounts will no longer auto load. But you still have the option to auto load it by going to the settings tab.
  • REWARDS! You could now view your recent rewards by clicking "Load Rewards". Choose the number of days that you want to view and it will load it per account.
  • Spying on an accounts? You could now use the "View" Button if you just want to check an account but don't want it to be added on your listed accounts.
  • NEW CREDITS and CHAOS summary in the dashboard! Currently the option to view it in the individual accounts is not available but the summary of all your Credits and Choas packs is available in the dashboard
  • Current Settings is moved to the new Settings Tab
  • BIGGER VIEW! The menu is now hidden even to large screen
  • Fixed the issue with card PnL wherein sometimes the data is not loading
  • By default the Updates is also hidden
  • Comming soon: Load Current Quest. This will show you the current quest per accounts and if the account already completed the current quest.


Check out the new PnL Cards feature from netIncome page.


Changed the font for better reading
Added DEC and SPS price in the dashboard, adjusted the appearance a bit
Added the Net Income page where you could see your net income per account and summary of the accounts added in the tracker

v2.2 Updates

Fix bug with account arrangement! The accounts now will load on the same arrangement you enter it!
ECR now is the same with in-game ECR

v2.1 Updates

Important Notice: If you have used the previous version, you would need to add your accounts again
Added the DEC earned from the Last Team if you won.
Added color to the DEC earned. Last 50 Battles and Last Team
Some UI improvements
Added Currency equivalent in USD and PHP for DEC and SPS
Rework some code

v2.0.1 Updates

Added entering multiple accounts at once functionality. You could now enter multiple accounts by separating it with comma, for example, if you want to enter "decreo" and "dadee", just type "decreo,dadee".
Moved the updates from the sidebar to the bottom of the page just before the footer, and added "Updates" in the main menu.
Removed the confirmation message when an account is added

v2.0 Updates

New look!
Added search functionality for accounts username
Added Dashboard. Show's the total DEC, SPS and Stake SPS. Still on process PHP and USD Prices
fixed bug that allow undefined accounts
Replace credits with Last Team. Using this you will be able to see if your bot did not submit a team, this will also indicate if the opponent did not submit a team, in regular play it will show the last splinter team and if you win or loss.

Developed by Decreo
For support and appreciation for this project you may donate Cards, DEC or SPS to @dadee or @decreo ingame or via hive blockchain
For questions and support, look for decreo | decreo17.github.io#2564 in Splinterlands discord.
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