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# Username Dec Earned Rent Per Day Net Income

About Rent Net Icome:

This table will hold the same account held in the main tracker. The rent is based on the current daily rent, regardles is DEC or Credits was used, while the DEC earned was based on the last 24 hrs rewards.

The total showed might be different if you will manually compute each account due to the decimal factor.

Cards PnL:

# Card Name Gold BCX Edition buy Price Current Price PnL Action

About PnL Cards:

Profit and loss table will allow you to enter the card ID of the card that you bought, is it a gold card or not, how many BCX was that, what's the edition of that card edition, and how much you bought it for in USD.

The BCX is defaulted to 1 and edition is only required for Alpha cards since they also have beta counterpart, for the rest it doesn't matter what you put in there, the correct edition will automatically show up. The default card type is regular foil, just change the gold filed to true if you are entering for a gold foil card.

To save with API calls, the current market price is being loaded to your localstorage. To get the updated price, you need to click on "Refresh Price" and reload the page.

Future update might include the following:
Ability to edit the current entry.
Delete all entry.
Download CSV copy of your pnl table. Ability to copy the JSON format of your pnl to upload it in a different device.

Note: Reloading the table only is currently not feasible as I am not using PHP for this project. This might come in the future.

# Card Name ID

Developed by Decreo
For support and appreciation for this project you may donate DEC or SPS to @dadee or @decreo ingame or via hive blockchain
For questions and support, look for decreo#2564 in Splinterlands discord.
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